Sleep Rock

Simple & Sleek…

The ergonomic design of Sleep Rock provides a perfectly weighted feel and contoured grip that feels natural in the hand.

Form and Function

Sleep Rock’s internal heating element provides a constant 104 F temperature throughout the night. With the micro USB charging port, Sleep Rock can be quickly recharged for another night of restful sleep.

Turn the warmer on or off with the push of a button. USB charging cable included!

Constant, cozy warming drifts you to sleep.

Smooth, rounded design for perfect comfort.


The Elements of Sleep Rock

Ergonomic Comfort Grip

Ergonomic design and calibrated weight feels great in the hand.


The rechargeable internal heating element provides Sleep Rock’s constant, cozy 104° F temperature.


Polished stone aesthetic provides a sleek and stylish appearance. 

“I love that it is a natural solution. No side effects. No setup. Just turn it on and go to sleep. It turns off on its own by morning.”

Dominic Simpson

“When I wake up in the morning and don’t remember falling asleep, that means it works!”

Nik Zimmer

“I can’t believe how small and simple it is! Great for home. Great for traveling. I even use it on the plane!”

Jen Brown

Online Ordering

Now On Kickstarter

Sleep Rock is now available on Kickstarter, reserve yours today!